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  Hello everyone,


  for Wargaming EU, there are no bots apparently, but Wargaming RU takes the issue seriously. One of the best known Russian streamers, Murazor, made a stream session (not only) about bots with Anton “Evilly” Pankov (chief of Russian community). The session was called “Bot Hunt” and Maiorboltach from RU LJ was kind enough to transcribe the answers. Here’s what Evilly said. You might like it.

  对于WG欧服来说,他们眼中没有挂机党,但是毛服很严肃的处理了这个问题。一名毛服最有名的直播玩家,Muzazor,与Anton "Evilly" Pankov(毛服社群的老大)做了一期(不只是关于)挂机的直播节目。这个部分叫做“寻找挂机党”,毛服LJ社群的Maiorboltach很慷慨的又把这些答案翻译成了英文。以下是Evilly说的话,你也许会喜欢。

  - Russian threads about bots were purged on RU forums, because a player cannot be 100 percent sure, whether the target is a bot or a human, apparently, bots caused a hysterical reaction across several communities


  - players can actually influence developers (SS: there was a petition of 200k people apprently about CW, I don’t know any details, but it did influence the developers)


  - official Wargaming position towards bots: “We admit problems with bots, Warpack etc., but the alleged number of 100k botters is not serious and greatly exaggerated. We admit they are in our game, but there is no massive infestation.”


  - on average, work on an entire system (for example: arty rebalance) takes 6 months


  - in 9.1 a system will be introduced, where AFK players, that move very little (this condition is made softer for slow vehicles), deal 0 damage and meet many more conditions, will recieve 0 XP and credits


  - 8.11 will arrive in the night from Monday to Tuesday


  - there will be a new anti-teamkill system: it will take into account module damage, detracks etc. – teamkiller will also pay you all your repair cost from his pocket and will pay a 10/20/30 percent fine to top it off, the exact percentage depends on more tests


  - new anti-bot system is being developed for half a year already, preliminary ETA is 9.2


  - there are plans for a new launcher, that will also check the integrity of the exe file (SS: for hacks)


  - currently, players are being banned for Warpack and its components, but its detection takes time and it needs more time


  - currently, WG is glad they didn’t implement transfers of silver from one player to another, because “it breaks the main pleasure in the game – development and growth in the game


  - the main problem with current Wargaming Hall of Fame is that players are not removed immediately (if they are banned). This will be fixed soon and a player will be removed immediately after he gets a ban automatically


  - WG pursues the policy of loyalty: Evilly states that WG are loyal to their users, they give players second and third chances – botter accounts will be resetted, but some botters (recidivists) will be banned permanently


  - apparently only 10 percent of players, who are banned, repeat their offense, but this number is still very high according to Evilly


  - both Anti-bot 1.0 (current) and Anti-bot 2.0 have the scripts, used by the bots, integrated in them


  - players are being allegedly banned constantly for botting and other infractions


  - Python scripts are left open specifically for players to be able to create mods with features that Wargaming didn’t manage to implement yet, or considers them low priority


  - yesterday (7.2.2014), 67 people were banned for botting on RU server


  - CRC sum (MD5) checking usefulness is dubious and it is resource-requiring, according to Evilly – he states an example of some game, that does it, but it gets bypassed anyway


  - Wargaming is currently considering PVE elements – additional training modes for players, that will consist of small quests, that will force players to think, they are called “individual quests”, this is considered seriously, but not now – in a month or so they will start thinking about it


  - additional work on the report system is planned: “Don’t be afraid to report!”


  - Wargaming has some sort of internal word filter: if a player is rude in the chat and is for example reported by 10 players, the system automatically checks his previous chats for swear words, compares them to internal WG database, including the roots of the word, slang etc. and if several swearwords are found, the player will get a ban


  - there will be a Japanese premium medium tank implemented, no ETA currently, but it is planned (SS: as in hightier)


  - Severogorsk will be reworked in 9.0


  - in 2014 there will be TWO branches of regular tanks and 5-6 premium tanks (SS: that’s weird, I was almost certain it was three)


  - 9.0 will bring historical battles


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