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【情报组】关于3.4 WoT新卫星已经发射

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  本篇是前天发布的关于WoT新卫星的内容的大总结 包括分房系统 10级LT之类的

  关于这方面本来海服也有 本来可以偷懒摸鱼 繁转简一下就好

  但是我去看了一下内容 机翻就不说了 内容还是前言不搭后语 因此我就重新翻译了一下

  There's never a dull moment at our development studio, and the beginningof March has certainly been no different! While the Game Balance Team are neckdeep in processing battle stats and your feedback from the Sandbox, some of usflew off to GDC 2017 to pull the curtain back on several monumental changescoming your way in the near future.


  Today, we’re walking you through what was just revealed at GDC 2017. We’llbegin with features rolling out in the next update: the improved matchmaker andTier X light tanks. Then it’s time to get the latest news from the Sandbox testand a glimpse at a completely new mode, Ranked Battles. Let’s get to it.


  Improved Matchmaker


  Two months after the initial reveal at WG Fest, we are excited to talkmore about major fixes to the matchmaking system. This time, we’ll talk aboutit in greater detail.

  自从WG Fest首次提出要改进分房系统已经过去了两个月,这次,我们要很兴奋的告诉你更多的细节。

  If you look at the current system, it can create 8/5/2 teams, where thetwo vehicles at the bottom have little to offer against tanks in the middle andat the top. And they rarely get to engage with their brethren from the opposingteam: there are just two of them on each side. Pretty vulnerable to all theother vehicles, they’re likely to get destroyed rather fast.


  The improved matchmaker puts an end to this imbalance and a few otherupsetting scenarios, with a system of patterns and rules. At the heart of thesystem are three setups: three-, two-, and single-level battles. As for theother rules, they tackle some of the most common queries popping up in thecommunity:


  Eliminate frustrating scenarios wherevehicles in the middle and at the bottom of the list are outnumbered by thoseat the top (just like the one we described above), as well as minimizeinstances of getting matched at the bottom of the list way too often during aseries of battles.

  ·Ensure a balanced vehicle spread foreach team, including the restriction of no more than three arty per side.

  ·Provide an enjoyable gaming experiencefor platoons by letting only one-tier Platoons into Random Battles.

  ·Reduce the instances of map dupes.

  ·解决了一场战斗中高级车数量超出低级车和中级车的问题(正如我们前文所述),并最小化经常连续被分至更高级 房的几率




  The matchmaker analyzes the queue (the number, types, tiers and battletiers of vehicles in it), and then creates teams based on the speed-vs.-optimal-setupprinciple. Simply put, it balances getting you into action quickly and creatinga perfect match. If the search for the “perfect” match will leave you queueingtoo long, these rules will be relaxed in order to get you into a battle faster.The longer the wait, the bigger the step-away the system takes from the“perfect” patterns: 3/5/7 and 5/10. This way, you don’t get tired of waitingand always end up with a setup optimal for the current situation on the server.Now, let’s take a closer look at the three scenarios.




  If there’s enough variety in the queue and you aren’t playing in a TierI–II vehicle, you’ll get into the most frequent setup: a three-level battlewith a +/-2 Tier matchmaking spread. Having analyzed vehicles waiting to hitthe battlefield, the matchmaker will use the 3/5/7 pattern or one of itsvariations to build a team.


  The longer the wait time, the more the pattern will differ from the“perfect” 3/5/7. However, whichever pattern you get, there won’t be more thanthree tanks at the top of the list and over 5 in the middle.


  Two-Level Battles


  You’ve most likely been in a two-level battle with a +/-1 Tier matchmakingspread before. With the improved matchmaker, we are formalizing this setup and,most importantly, imposing clear restrictions on when it can occur.


  1.Firstly, this rule applies to low-tier vehicles (Tier I–II). In thisparticular case, it’s designed to create favourable conditions for newcomers

  2. The second case is for situations when the vehicle variety in the queuedoesn’t allow for a three-level battle, and we wouldn’t want to keep youwaiting long to get into action.



  Here,the matchmaker will use the 5/10 pattern or one of its variations to assembleteams. Just as with three-level engagements, the longer the wait time, the morethe pattern will differ from 5/10. And there will be no battles where vehiclesin the middle of the list are outnumbered by those at the top.




  Finally, when a large amount of same-tier vehicles are queueing at a givenmoment, it can result in an excruciatingly long wait time. To get you intobattle quicker, the revised matchmaker will create single-level battles whereall vehicles are of the same Tier.


  Other Mechanics


  Along with the three setups we just described, the matchmaker will receiveseveral new mechanics, all aimed to elevate the playing experience by resolvingissues that you reported to us:


  Gettinginto the top/middle/bottom of the list. If you areat the bottom for a few battles in a row, you are likely to get in themiddle/top for the next one, regardless of whether you play in the same vehicleor choose a new one during this series.


  Vehicle spread. The difference in the number of light tanks, arty and TDs betweenthe team can influence the battle outcome before it even begins. That’s why,when building a selection for a battle, the matchmaker will begin with thesethree. Teams will be assembled starting with light tanks, then SPGs and finallyTDs so that each includes an equal number of these three classes. One note: theteam setup also depends on the queue sizes and how each class is represented ata given time. So, the two teams won’t always have all 5 types.


  Arty. To prevent arty from spoiling the gaming experience, we’ll limit thenumber of SPGs per team to a maximum of three per side. Recently revealed inthe Sandbox, this limitation was well received by the tester community andproved to have a positive effect on gameplay. It’ll make its way to liveservers soon.


  Platoons. Another frustrating scenario that has to stop is getting matchedagainst tanks that are 3+ tiers higher than yours. Currently, it often happenswith multilevel Platoons. Let’s say, you are playing in a Tier V tank, joinforces with a comrade of yours who chose a Tier VIII vehicle, and end up facingoff with Tier IX–X vehicles. That doesn’t sound like much fun. The improvedmatchmaker will allow only one-tier Platoons into Random Battles, solving thisissue for good.


  Maprotation. Currently, you end up on some maps way too often, and playing thesame, let’s say, three maps over and over again is frustrating. It can even getto the point where it discourages you from playing on. The improved matchmakerreduces the number of unfortunate events like that with new logic. It analyzesmaps that tankers from the two newly created teams played over the last 10battles. And then, it places them on a map none of them have seen in the lastfew sessions.

  The new map rotation logic is relevant for maps used in the Standard mode(Random Battles). Assault and Encounter Battles are only played across alimited number of maps. So, if you have them flagged, maps will repeat moreoften.



  Light Tanks


  Light tanks were initially designed as support fire vehicles that wouldalways work alongside others, rather than a standalone battle unit. And so theyremain in the game of today, often resulting in frustrating setups. If you takeyour light tank collection for a ride once in while, you often find yourselfmatched against vehicles that are a good three tiers higher than yours. Forexample, when playing in a Tier VIII light tank, you might face off againstTier IX–X vehicles—and you won’t be at the top of the list, which isn’t yourmost desired setup.


  To fix it, we’ll stretch light tank branches to Tier X, making the +/-2Tier spread a norm for them, just as it is for other classes. They’ll stillplay as support vehicles focused on scouting, but with greater firepower.


  We’ll also rebalance all light tanks to ensure that renewed branches fitinto the confines of the +/-2 rule. It should erase abrupt changes in gameplaywithin one branch. Vehicles that currently reside on Tier VIII will move up atier, with the only exception being the Chinese Tech Tree. It will see acompletely new light tank at Tier IX: the Type 62C.


  Hitting the battlefield at Tier X will be five completely new light tanks:the XM551Sheridan (U. S. A.), T-100 (U.S.S.R.), Spz. 57 (Germany), WZ-132-1 (China) and AMX 13 105 (France). Here’s aquick look at them:

  新加入战局的10级轻坦是:XM551谢里登(M系),T-100(S系),Spz. 57(D系),WZ-132-1(C系)以及AMX 13 105(F系)。让我们稍微看一下他们的英姿:

  Tier X light tanks will sport the class’ trademark compact size andoutperform their brethren at Tiers VIII–IX thanks to unparalleled mobility, abetter view range, bigger HP pool, greater penetration power and damage perhit. When approaching their balancing, our goal was to give each combatparameters that would facilitate classic light tank gameplay, while bringingincreased versatility to the table.


  Rebalanced light tanks, including the new Tier X are currently beingtested in the Sandbox. Apply if you’d like to some hands-on time and help usrefine them leading up to the release.


  Sandbox Second Iteration Results


  We hit the ground running this January with the second iteration ofSandbox. We’d like to offer a huge thank you on behalf of the entire World ofTanks team to everyone who has joined and contributed their thoughts! Thefeedback that we received was extremely helpful in determining what worked andwhy, as well as what didn’t, and how we can improve on it. Here’s a quickrundown on results.


  Phase 1. Changes to accuracy, damage falloff, and alpha damage


  The revised shot distribution within the aiming circle reduced the numberof “unbelievable” shots. However, the accuracy with full aim went down as well,which is anything but what we wanted. So, we’re heading back to the drawingboard with this one.


  The testing of damage falloff brought a larger issue to the forefront. Theresults show that it won’t work the way we want it to (i.e., encourage heaviesto shorten the combat distance), unless we significantly rebalance HEAT shells.It’s a major decision that would affect the overall gameplay and most likelycome with balance tweaks to other shell types as well. We will return to itafter thorough calculations and modeling, while the current changes won’t makeit into the game.


  As for the alpha damage revision, we are still comparing player behaviouron all vehicles that went through changes. It will take some more time to drawfinal conclusions. From what we see now, scaling 120 mm gun damage to thedamage rating of 122 mm guns resonated with testers and showed good results.We’ll return to further refining it after analyzing all the data. The changesto high-caliber gun damage per shot still require a bit of work.


  Phases 2–3. Comprehensive changes to artillery


  Progresswith arty is going well. The feedback and stats we collected on Tier X vehiclesshowed that the suggested changes created better gameplay dynamics, and addedto the fun. So, we expanded the vehicle pool, adding Tier VIII and IX tanks tothe mix. In the coming weeks, the team will be watching closely, monitoringyour feedback and reviewing logs of data to see how recent adjustments affecttheir gameplay, and make further tweaks (if necessary).


  (第三次的改动前几天的帖子有 但是被度娘吞了。。 基本上就是测试新的火炮眩晕,10级LT和可重复使用的补给)

  New mode in development—Ranked Battles


  For quite some time, you guys have wanted an arena where you can trulytest your mettle, facing off against players who are in a similar standing.Today, we’ve got a message for you: Ranked Battles is on the horizon so you’dbetter be polishing your skills.


  Exclusiveto Tier X vehicles and divided in seasons, Ranked Battles will let you provethat you’re the best of the best in 15-vs-15 combat. The more successful youare in battle, the higher your standing will be in a special Ranked Battlesladder. And we aren’t talking just victory; it’s going to be more about yourcontribution to the battle outcome. If you put in a great performance, yet yourteam loses a match, you move up the ranks anyway. So, climbing the ladder isall on you! And as you progress, the competition goes up as well. Yes, itdepends directly on your position in the ladder as the matchmaking will pitplayers against those of a similar rank in a special Random Battles queue. Ifthat’s not enough, a stellar performance in battle and during a season will netyou some exciting rewards.


  Unlikeeverything else we mentioned in this article, Ranked Battles is still in theearly stages of development. We hope the notable highlights we just shared gotyou as excited as we are about it. There’ll be a lot more information comingyour way when we move closer to rolling it out.